Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Both flowers have completely fallen off, along with some more leaves, so it's back to square one. Actually, square one would have been better, because the plant was in picture perfect health then. I've noticed that there hasn't been any condensation in the bag, so I thought that the problem might have been humidity. Before, the bag was sort of pinched under the pot of the plant, and a lot of moisture probably got through. Also, the soil was just as moist as it was months ago, and I thought the roots needed some air, so instead of having the opening of the plant underneath the pot I taped it around the base of the tree.

That was about a week ago, and still no condensation in the bag, so I thought maybe the plants weren't respiring at all. To get the bag humid, and maybe get the plant healthier, I tried to pour water into the sealed bag by making a small hole in the top and sealing it later. Oops! I tour a five inch gash in the bag, and had to use a lot of tape (after pouring water inside)to seal the patch. Hopefully this will do something.

I also sealed the final two seedlings in an aquarium, explained at

Pictures enclosed are a full view of the larger plant and the aquarium setup.